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Code Red Monte
11-17-2004, 11:48 AM
Yo peeps im dave ive all ways owned at least 1 v6 in my entire life LOL jk i own a few acctually

i own a
95 monte carlo z34 with a dohc
97 monte carlo that had a 3100 that now has a l67 or a 3800 SC
02 monte carlo ls with a sport package with a 3400 sfi
04 monte carlo SS SC!!! with a l67 with TONS OF MODS!!!
i also own a 95 GA that has been the H**L and back, but that another story!!! LOL
i am the owner of a v6 website also called WWW.WESTCOAST6S.COM and i also am married and also OWN my own bussiness Called DAKOTA CUSTOM PERFORMANCE INC i do alot of motor work, swaps, intakes, i make alot of my own parts, my newest thing is now maken LED headlight accents that me and anthter NEW member on the site make.

but thats enough about me thanx every one peace and member keeps the streets RUMBLING!!!

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