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11-18-2004, 08:58 PM
Hey guys, did some searching, and can't find much about the 02 DRL disable. I am planning on putting in my HID conversion kit tomorrow, however, I need to find out how to disable these stupid DRL's. The guy that is going to help me put them in said that we could probably just disconnect the automatic sensor (the sensor that turns the lights on), and that would eliminate them, or it will turn them on all the time. I am not sure which one it will do. Does anyone have a 2002 Grand AM diagram, or instruction on how to disable the DRL's without throwing an SVS light? I saw how to do it with the 99 and 00's, but I am not sure if that same way applies to the 02... Also, if the SVS light comes on, how do you get it off? Do you reset it like you do when the change oil light comes on? The thing that is REALLY strange about my car is that I had a headlight go out a few months ago, and the SVS light never came on. I have aftermarket stereo stuff and what not, but still was surprised it didn't pop on. Anyways, if someone could help me out tonight, that would be great!


11-18-2004, 09:09 PM
If you disable the ALS (sensor) then the lights will stay on all the time.

In the DRL thread in the how to section there is instructions for 02's they are just pages and pages down.

You could always wire the HIDs seperate of the stock wiring, but you will have to put the HIDs on a seperate switch. However you will have complete control over them.

THEN, if you do that you unplug your stock bulbs from the harness and if you do that the SVS light will set off so you have to figure some way around that. So the best way is to find the instructions for disableing the 02's in that thread, i dont know how to do it or id tell you myself. My DRL's arent disabled on my car, I just moved them to a diffrent bulb, but my 9007 factory bulb harness has no bulbs in it either :/

Iceman might be the person to talk to on that, he had his wired up but last time i checked his threw an SVS light and he had to flip the high beams on and off to get them both to light up. Im not sure what the deal is with that, i never had that issue on mine or an SVS light.

11-18-2004, 09:28 PM
Welp guys, I searched those 18 pages on the DRL disable, this is what i came up with.. WILL any of this work? If so, could you please tell me what?

i have a 2002 GAGT

DRL disable on a 2001 (should work on a 2002 also):

1.) I should not have to say this but first disconnect the negitive terminal of the batt. (cheap insurance).

2.) Remove the middle connector as stated before in the previous posts. Now locate the brown wire (pin 8 on the bottom). This is the pin that tells the BCM that the lights shwitch in not in the auto setting. Cut this wire, leaving enough room to extend it to the relay.

3.)The relay: Get a standard 4 or 5 pin 12V relay. Here is how the pins need to be wired. Pin 30-->go to the brown wire that you cut (on the BCM side), Pin 87-->12V (constant), Pin 86--> ground, Pin 85-->12V (switched when key is on), Pin 87a-->no connect.
NOTE: the 12V constant to Pin 87 could also be switched I do not think that it matters.

4.)Once the relay is connected I used some double sided tape and stuck it next to the fuse box out of the way. Now you need to cut the dark blue wire and ground it just like the 99-00.

5.)reconnect your BCM and your battery and test the system. Every thing worked fine for me no SVS and no DRLs.

I have yet to test this driving during the day since it is dark here (should have started ealier) but I had a light to on the sensor to have the headlights go off and I go not SVS so I think that everything should be ok.

Overall this took 30 min and the relay was a couple of dollars.

or maybe this:

place a 10 ohm resistor in the ALC circuit (wire colors and pins explained in page 1) and I guess that solves the 02-04 ALCs.

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the great info on the DRL and ALC mods ...did my 2001 GT...really simply ...for the ALC just had to remove the ambient light sensor under the dash defrost grill and plug in a 10 ohm resistor...no ALC and no SVS as far as the DRL just went to the BCM cut the dark blue wire fron the center plug and ran it to a ground ..presto !! no DRL and no SVS...thanks again and good luck to whoever tries these mods !!

11-18-2004, 09:30 PM
the 10 ohm resistor works, but that has nothing to do with the DRL's.

Page 11: has what you need for an 02