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11-23-2004, 12:29 PM

1. After removing the caliper and then sliding off the rotor, how hard is it to remove a twisted-off stud? (the shop guys did it to get my wheel off to put my new tires on) Can I just use a hammer and bang it out or will i have to drill it out?

2. I have a wub wub wub (like plastic vibrating against rubber) sound which occurs only when the car is moving, but is not affected by turning, etc so I have ruled out wheel bearings. Anyone know what might be causing something like this? have sim experience? Note: new tires, new access belt, new alternator, etc have all been ruled out. Caliper/Brake pad? cracked rim? broken underbody plastic piece? sounds like it is coming from front driver's side but i haven't found anything unordinary or terribly loose.