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11-26-2004, 02:18 PM
Hey Guys, I am trying to install the GM VKE1000 Keyless Entry into my 96 grand am gt. I was wondering if any of you had a diagram that could help me know what wires to hack into. Thanks in advance,


11-26-2004, 04:33 PM
1996 Pontiac Grand Am Security Information

Constant 12V+ Red Ignition Switch Harness
Starter Yellow Ignition Switch Harness
Ignition Pink Ignition Switch Harness
Ignition 2 Brown Ignition Switch Harness
Ignition 3 Purple Ignition Switch Harness
Accessory Orange Ignition Switch Harness (Heat/AC)
Tach White Ignition Module
Brake Switch White Brake Switch
Trunk Release Black (+) Switch
Trunk Pin Red/Black (-) Light in Trunk
Parking Lights Brown (+) Light Switch
Head Lamp Yellow (+) Light Switch
Door Trigger Dark Blue (-) Driver's Kick Panel 20 Pin Connector
Door Lock Light Blue Driver's Kick Panel 20 Pin Connector
Door Unlock White Positive Trigger
Horn Wire Black (-) Steering Column
Windows Up LF=Dark Blue, RF=Light Blue, LR=Dark Green, RR=Light Green
Windows Down LF=Brown, RF=Tan, LR=Purple, RR=Purple

1996 Pontiac Grand Am Cruise Information

Constant 12V+ Red Ignition Switch Harness or Use Hot Side of Brake
Switched 12V+ Pink Ignition Switch Harness
Ground Use Chassis Near Cruise Control Module
Hot Side of Brake n/a Brake Switch
Cold Side of Brake White Brake Switch
Tach White Ignition Module
VSS Lead Dark Green Passenger's Front Quarter PCM Position 28 or Position 13
Pulses Per Mile 4000 PPM
Notes: Vehicles with Manual Transmission require Clutch Switch. Some vehicles may require a speed signal generator and/or other parts/adapters not listed above. Rostra® Cruise module switch settings may differ if you use a speed signal generator or magnets and a pick up coil.