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12-13-2004, 09:08 PM
Hey everyone,
I have a 2001 GAGT and the front windows will not go up or down. I know it's not the switches, the circuit breaker, or the power comming into the control unit on the swtich panel, or the ground to the same panel. The wierd thing is that the back windows do work properly. So here's my dilema. I have heard of it happening on other grand ams and wanted to know if any knows if this is a common problem and if it is how do i fix it?
I really appreciate the help.

12-14-2004, 06:22 PM
Common problem. Just had my drivers fixed.
replace the power window regulator. $$(you do it) - $$$(dealer does it)

12-16-2004, 02:28 PM
hey aiht i got my car back in July 2004 everything was fine till the one day my drivers side window started leaving a sticky gross up and down mark on it, then i got in my car one day and closed the door and a metal piece banged down into the bottom of the door frame, now my window will go up and down and i dont have the sticky crap on it anymore but it wont go up all the way i have to manually push it up its only like not even half an inch, it doesnt make the clicky noise anymore i dont know whats going on im thinkin its my window regulator but not sure....dont kow how much that would cost obviously im going to put it in since i know what im doing but i want to get some feed back on this situtation.
also sometimes my stupid wiper blades like to go CrAzY! and it ****es me off so i dunno if thats the motor relay or just Grandy actting up........

email me or IM me or just write back with your opinions and suggestions


01-30-2005, 11:14 AM
i finally decided to rip off my door panel and find out what was wrong with my drivers side window, theres these little white clips that keep it on track so it goes up evenly and one of them snapped off, needless to say i couldnt find the part that snapped off so i rigged it and put a piece of wood where that clip should have been, it holds it up now but i can't use my window or the wood will obviously fall and BAM theres goes the dumb window again....looks like 2001 model year had alot of TSB's....what crap you think they would get out all the glitches before selling it to the public......if anyone knows what i'm talking about and has had my problem let me know on how much it will cost to fix it the right way