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12-19-2004, 12:33 PM
i was driving a little bit hard yesterday on the way to a call and noticed that the engine on the way back started to get a clanking/rattle sound to it.. my change oil light is on and i havent changed it yet but did notice that the engine was about a qt low on oil so i added a qt.. but the funny thing about the rattle/clanking sound is that i dont hear it til the engine gets up to about 2500rpm.. so i dont think it could be the lifters nor cam but could it possibly be piston slap or something worse? the car runs great still it just has that sound which i dont really like to hear..i took off the coil pack today and noticed that there was oil on top of the head around the spark plugs.. i couldnt figure out where the oil is coming from but there iseems to be a tad bit of oil around teh camshaft housing seals...but anyways im just seeing if anyone else may possibly know what this could possibly be.. any help would be greatful thanks..

12-20-2004, 12:04 AM
i had the same problem my engine did the same thing but no oil light came on the noise just got worse and worse. at first i though it was my valves also but when i had the dealership look in to it, it was a bearing cam #3 i think.
i just had the engine replaced after that cuz it was cheaper