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12-22-2004, 05:38 AM
A couple days ago, I noticed 3-4 small patches of fluid under the car. I noticed them again this morning. I know I am losing Power Steering fluid somewhere, but that's been going on since about 25K miles with no spots on the ground. I forgot all about having someone look at it while it was still under warrantee. I bought a quart of PS fluid, and have added more 3 times when I hear that it is low.

Intake Gaskets were replaced about a year ago at around 35,000. I am up to 59,000 now.

What is the best / worst case as far as cost is concerned? I might just have to keep adding whatever fluid is leaking until I FINALLY get rid of this POS when I can afford to. I don't really have, or want to drop $1,000 into the car. If it is the intake gasket again, it will just go out again in a year. I was upsidedown when I bought it, and with me adding more miles to it in the past 6 months (moved 30 miles from job), its probably going to take awhile longer.

Got to love the GM Quality - never again. This car has never been abused, and all the maintenance is kept up, but it has been in the shop more times than all my previous cars combined. Way more.