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01-08-2005, 06:33 PM
I recently had my LIM and head gaskets changed. When everything was put back together though, my SES light was on with code 1374. It seems that this code translates to Cranshaft Sensor High to Low Correlation. The car runs okay, but i'd rather not have the SES light one. I can't figure out what's wrong, but this is what i've done so far:

I'm assuming the 7x Sensor is the one on the side of the block facing the firewall, and that the 24x Sensor is the one behind the crankshaft pulley:

-Checked the voltage on the harness from the 7x Sensor, 12V, seems normal. With the harness unplugged, the car won't start as expected.

-Checked the voltage on the harness from the 24x Sensor while it was plugged it .... 10V. Manually turned the cranksaft a few times, and watched the voltage alternate between 10V and 0V which seems right too.

-I can't figure out why the code is being thrown ... the sensors seem to be okay, so i'm not sure what else to check. Could it be a problem with the Ignition Module, or maybe something wrong with the PCM? Is there something I can reset to see if the code goes away?

At this point i'm out of ideas ... i'm not sure what to check on the ignition module, but it seems like the 7x sensor is working since the car starts, i'm not sure how to check if the 24x sensor signal is making it to (and being processed by) the ignition module, but from the lower harness, it does look like it's working.

I'd really appreciate any help/advice or other ideas, would changing the sensors help even if the signals look alright, what about changing the Ignition Module? Anyway, at this point i'm open to absolutely any ideas.