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01-10-2005, 04:32 PM
i attempted to install a remote starter in my car yesterday.. everything was going fine.. i bypassed the passlock system, i had just about all the connections in so i called it a night. Just before i quit for the night, i started the car using the key and let it run for 15 min or so to charge up the battery.

now this morning when i go back and tried starting with the key again, it wouldnt start. So i removed everything, got rid of the passlock bypass.... reconnected the passlock wires...i even tried permanetly bypassing passlock.. took all the connections i made to the bcm out.. and it still wont start

when i try cranking.. it does nothing
i have a 14+ volts in the ign1, ign2, starter wires

in the "on" position the security light blinks, and the air bags lights blink

is this a passlock problem??


figured out that something is wrong with my passlock system
i did the put the key in for 10 min trick and it turned on

please feel free to delete this thread!