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02-06-2005, 03:53 PM
I currently have been trying to resurect this car from the world of the dead.
Well at first the car just ran like crap.. recently I changed the intake gasket (common problem on 3.3L with factory gaskets) and what not... Everything was fine a moment. Yesterday the car wouldnt idle down so I tool out the IAC valve and had my wife turn the key on and nothing no movement at all. I cleaned it up and still nothing So I got a new one 55 dollars :( I had got one 3 years ago and it was 32 dollars, for the same part number....lol.

Anyways I get it in and the car idles about 925-950 rpm but with it that low I sometimes here a popping sound under the hood like the PS pump pops at the lower rpm, its annoying, is there anyone else on here that has suffered from this or has fixed the prob