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02-13-2005, 05:25 PM
Hi All,

I'm new to this forum and have a question regarding my GAGT.

There's a rattling noise right after ignition that sounds like clicking and appears to be coming from the lower front end, under the engine. When I try to accelerate, the car kind of "sticks" and revs up before shifting gears....higher than it normally does. The car is AT and has 108K km.

I've been under the hood and have not noticed anything out of the ordinary. Just wondering if anyone has any idea what could be causing the rattling noise. It's definitely not a knocking sound and sounds somewhat repetitious as if it's a belt problem????

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

02-13-2005, 06:22 PM
With a 95, it would be quite a few things. Rockers, bottom end or piston slap. It woould also be the tensioner ticking. Try this for ****s and giggles tho, turn the a/c on and off and see if it goes away and comes back. if so, its the a/c clutch. lube it up.

02-16-2005, 09:23 PM
Well....it wasn't the AC clutch. It was too damn cold here to check it out so I took it into the dealer......turned out to be a plastic piece that covers the flywheel underneath that became warped and was touching off on the flywheel.

They took it off....and no more noise.....good news is the part's only worth $15.

Bad news is they tell me my LIM needs changing.......ouch!!!......$750 + applicable taxes.

Time to find a more financially reasonable mechanic with a good reputation!!!!