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02-15-2005, 10:35 AM
Ok let's see how good you guys are.

First I should introduce myself, this being my first post and all. I am here on behalf of my girlfriend, who has enough trouble finding her way from place to place, without having to worry about mechanical stuff. So I take care of that. I have fairly extensive experience in the engine/mechanics field. Though it is just a hobby for me, i have built several engines from the ground up, including the two you see in my sig. I am lacking slightly however in anything not related to 8-cylinders.

That being said...here's the problem.

On my g/f's 2000 Grand Am SE1 (3.4L)...her low-beam headlights have gone union (meaning they take frequent breaks and are often on vacation altogether). All other lights (parking, DRLs, High-beam, interior) work perfectly, even with the twilight sentinel system. Just the low beams are the problem. Sometimes they will come on when she starts the car, only to turn off on their own 5 minutes later. Turning the switch on and off does nothing, turning the car on and off does nothing. Beating the crap out of the fusebox does nothing (tried that both purposely and out of sheer frustration).

This car has been to two separate dealers and one independent mechanic. All three replaced the light bulbs and gave us the car back, claiming they fixed the problem. My dad is a retired NASCAR crew chief, he checked out the car and couldn't find any problems, I tested the entire healight circuit for proper resistance and continuity, and found nothing out of the ordinary. All fuses and relays have been replaced. I'm now beginning to think this could possibly be a BCM issue. Every time the lights go out on their own, the SVS light comes on with a chime. Now just this week, random lights (SVS, Trac off, Airbag) have been turning on and off. Could it be a faulty or damaged BCM?

As you can see, i'm out of ideas. Seeing as you folks have all have these cars, i thought maybe you've encountered this sort of thing.

Any input would be appreciated.

02-15-2005, 07:14 PM
My passenger side would stop working periodically on its own. It ended up being a melted socket.