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02-24-2005, 05:26 PM
I just notice today that the rear speakers in my car stop working. No hiss or audio at all. The front speakers work great. I pulled out my radio and check the wiring to see if anything was loose. But didn't see anything wrong. Next I got my cd player out and test each speaker to see if it was a problem with the stereo. The front speakers worked, of course, while the rear speakers did nothing. So I ruled out bad wiring by me :rolleyes: and the stereo going bad. I think since not just one but both rear speakers went dead that something got cut somehow. Its been two years since I installed the stereo and haven't had a problem in till now.

So my question is where does the rear speaker wires run? and What are some common spots that might come loose?

EDIT: New info! The wires to the speakers are good. I tested them on a speaker from my cheap home stereo. So the problems is the speakers only. Damn I can see one speaker going out but two is strange.