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02-27-2005, 02:35 AM
Im still a missing problem but its intermediate. When I start up the car the engine runs decent, until it warms. I have a bucking sensation at about 40 and 45 is the worse. The higher the speed the less action. I just had the TCC replaced and trans refreshed so much difference. Anyway in drive at a stop the car shuddlers alittle, and as I said the bucking at around 40. Funny thing though is I hammer the gas at 30 to shift it to 1st, the car will act fine for the time being (Idle is smooth in park or in gear) untill I shut it off and restart later. Thing I have replaced
TPS (made a differece as well)
ICM +Coils
O2 sensor
Plugs (Rapid Fire #14)
Intake Gasket
Fuel Filter
I dont this its a MAF then again it may be.... But to have it be intermedite..... The engine shakes atlittle but I need the lower mount (looking for an aftermarket one like the picture I added)
I had the top one replaced at the same time as the trans work.

There was a post on here before somewhere about the module(gear indicator) in the console about that being the cause of alot of the engine misses, Well I took mine apart and saw that the circut board had evidence of liquid in it at one time, some of the traces are damaged. So I ordered a new one from GM parts direct. See if that fixed it...... If anyone has anything to add let me know.
you can email me at vazhar@aol.com.

02-27-2005, 10:11 AM
Did you try replacing the spark plug wires yet? My friend had an older oldsmobile where it would hesitate when cruising around 45 but would be fine at any other speed. He thought it was a tranny problem but we replaced the wires and there was no more hesitations.

02-27-2005, 11:40 AM
Fuel pump. My 3300 would act that way, intermittently, when the fuel pump started to go. Get the pressure checked.

03-02-2005, 08:52 AM
Well I was gonna write today and say how I solved all my rough idle and bucking after TCC lock. Now I know, some are thinking bucking at lockup its the solinoid. Well it was somewhat but not the solution. I was noticing that I was getting alittle water in my glovebox, I dug around on all the sites and found some info, and in one of the posts I seen that someone had some corrosion built up on some of the harness wires under the dash. So I said hey let me check up under there and see what I found. Sure enough the middle connector on my ECM, Well I bought some electronics cleaner and sprayed down the connector and cleanned the ECM pins, turned over and purred pretty good no hesitation/stumble when tapping the gas and no bucking when in lockup. I thought it was cured, but I got on it hard and after that the roughness returned. So I went out got a can of sea foam, put it in the tank undid the battery and cleaned the harness again.
Also checked the Spark Plug wires with a OHM meter and they all measured 2.6 Kohms with the exection of the front they measured 1.5k and 750ohms. I put everything back together pluged the computer back in then hooked back up the batt. turned it on and it started right up no questions. I let it idle it sounded great, alittle miss but sounded pretty good. I took it for a spin no bucking, no pulsing when in gear at a stop, ran perfect for 2 days........ :)

But today I took it on the highway afterwork ran fine wasnt on it long but when I got off sure as **** the roughness returned, WTF Im stomped.... Could it be fuel pump related? I mean it doesnt sound like it sounds more electrical to me. Im gonna reset everything again and check it out. But Man I was there man damm I was there......ARRRRRGGGGHHHH

03-18-2005, 02:22 PM
Ok I was out in the car yesterday and was checking the MAF sensor plug try to clean it out a bit( I had corrosion on my ECM harness under the dash (I repaired it). I recently replaced the TPS and harness so I decided to get a look at the harness for the MAF and what do you know but the B- wire was alittle brown in color, and the C+ wire was corroded), But before I hooked it back up I decided to start it up and let the computer use its generic figures for it, funny thing is that the engine didnt miss that bad for a min, then it started to search idle for a few second it warm up some and just be for the fan switch kick on the car ran really smooth, as it cooled back to temp it the began to search again.

So I thought hmmmm lets see what does it do when you drive it. Mind you it still had a slight miss, hit the gas a bit and the car picked up fine, alittle better even and was alittle smoother up crusing. Slightly pulsing as I cruised about 40-45 mph, but not like before. The SES was on of course, So I took it back home and hit park, it searched a sec then idled. Pluged it back in (the MAF) and back to the roughness it went, but the light was off.

Well Since I had noticed that the plug had corrosion on it I decided to check others. I went to the passenger side and too out the glove box and panels from underneath. Im beginning to get the water that triclkes down the intake flap so I thought well the ECM middle connector had corrosion lets look at others and so I grabbed the connector that hooks the out side to the inside (flat connector) and pulled it appart and wow there was alot of corrosion, so I cleaned it as good as I could with electronic cleaner and WD40, its better and my idle is alot better, but its not a 100 percent contact because if you move the wires around the idle will change a bit. Now for the MAF I noticed after fixin (well sort of) that connector that it was sorta running like it was in generic mode so I went and unpluged the MAF and not a change just a very short idle change because the light came on. Im thing short somewhere, maybe in the MAF let me know what you all think.