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03-02-2005, 11:00 PM
Ok. don't know much about automotive but here's the rundown on the last 3 months with my car.

i have a 2000 grand am SE (sorry and yes i do know it is a GT forum, but it's the best i've seen.) Anyways, i recently "spit a rod" and blew the engine. had it replaced, and things have been hunky dory. noticed a bit of leakage on the driveway (near the front towards the passenger side... don't know enough science to tell the consistancy because its cold outside and the leak is icy now). i'm actually due for a post service check-up as it's been about 650 miles since the engine was replaced and this was something i intend to bring up (not sure this is info is directly responsible for my troubles now, but i figured it was relevant).

anyways, the problem started this morning when i started up the engine. without really giving it time to idle and warm up, i put it in reverse. after 6 feet it started to sputter, then i threw it in drive and got about another 4 feet before it died. when i put the transmission in park and tried to start there was no power. after i turned the key though i noticed a repetitive clicking noise coming from the glove box area. there was no power to the interrior lights, power locks, anything. popped the hood, checked battery cables... tried starting it, nothing. finally i went back out and hammer fisted the battery a few times and got back in, started the car. full power.

baffled at this. the problem has persisted all day. the easy fix is to disconnect the battery cables everytime there is no power/clicking from the glove and reconnect them and everything is fine until i shut the engine off. i think there was one time i shut it off though and the power was still on (i.e. powerlocks and interrior lights were working).

ps--- i also recently replaced a headlight and had a problem with the lighter outlet. (used a cheap light source that got stuck in the lighter outlet. had to disconnect the battery and remove the remains of the light source from the outlet.) i actually just replaced the fuse to the lighter outlet today in light of current events. also noticed that when the glove box (or whatever) is clicking i can turn on the hazards and it starts clicking more chaotically, when i try pushing in the lighter it stops the clicking until pressure on the knob is released (or sprung out). hope this is enough info, if not what are your recommendations about getting to the bottom of this? im terrified to take it to an automechanic, my experience with them tells me i'll be on the hook for atleast $200 in parts and another $90 in labor (if not more). any alternatives/suggestions?