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03-11-2005, 10:45 AM
Hey I got headlights (aftermarket) for my car from www.headlightsandtaillights.com for christmas. They already have condensation in them which really upset me. Well today, I bought silicone and was planning on taking the lense off and cleaning them, and then sealing them back up tight. Well after I got them off and looked at them, I'm almost 100% sure that its leaking from the corner yellow bulbs, not the lense itself. Is there any way I can seal the bulbs in there tighter? Should I put silicone around them and then if i have to change them in the future, just cut them out? I can see dirt and grime around the ring where the one bulb sits.. and Im pretty sure thats the reason It's leaking. The seal around the lense itself seems to be very good.