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View Full Version : hood shaking and brake pedal shaking with heater fan?

03-16-2005, 08:26 PM
well 2 questions thats kinda made me worried if not concerned....
this is on my 96 grand am SE 4door.

1 the hood shakes up and down while driving down the interstate :( im kinda worried if its because the front end looks like its been wrecked before.... front bumper cracked in the middle, previous owner before my brother probalbly wrecked it... does anyone else have a hood shaking or like a flimsy hood?
ive tried adjusting the 4 rubber bumps which did help but it still moves around about 1/4-1/2inch.....

2nd question... with the heater fan on full blast and next lower speed i have a hard vibration in the brake and gas pedal........ wondering you think the fan could be going bad causing that vibration? could replacing it fix the vibration? or is that typical with the grand am?

also jsut quickly do you know if the power windows work off reverse polarity or one wire operation? id like to get power windows for my grand am but would make a switch panel to control the windows with some relays to keep the wiring easy...