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04-05-2005, 02:14 PM
Hi...Thanks for any help you can give me...... I have a 2001 Grand am gt.. I put some marvels mystery oil in the tank and it is not running... I filled the tank up a day later and it has gotten worse. ( I only had a quarter of a tank when I added....Two bottles of the stuff) (Dont yell).
It starts but when I try and raise the RPMs it sounds like it is plugged up. It has no power and I have changed the plugs and checked the air was full of sand or dust (I live in Palm Springs) I changed it. I added some octane boost ,some fuel system cleaner, and fuel injector cleaner...
I also promise that I will never ever add anything into my gas tank ever again....PLEASE can some one help me...Thanks in advance....Oh, I already have been told several times what a stupid thing I did....please save your comments...

04-05-2005, 02:22 PM
I would consider having a mechanic drain the fuel tank as much as possible. Then fill it with plain gas and hope it hasn't caused any permanent problems.

You may be able to syphon(sp?) the gas from the tank into a container yourself. Just please make sure not to dump the gas. Bring it into hazardous waste depot. If your tank is full you do have about 55 litres to empty which may be too much for your to dispose.