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04-05-2005, 10:24 PM
Ok so after 12 hours of sitting (working movie shoot) I tried to start my car and it would catch and fire but after the initial catch, the revs would drop and the car would just die.
(Before this when I disarmed my car the entire electrical system died after it beeped "disarmed") I popped the hood and all was OK again. (power wise)

Anyway tried to start the car a 2nd time and same thing, car would die.
So I gave it gas the 3rd time and kept the revs at 1200 ish and after 15 seconds of idling it seemed to hold.

The day before my car almost stalled completely when I turned the wheel all the way over to the stop. (Power steering pump can stall an engine?)

So Today, I tried to auto start the car and watch the engine and the starter clicked once and died. Same thing electrical system shut down. (reset my trip meter, clock crossover settings etc) Stick my key in to crank and all's good.

So I dunno. any ideas? (Idle control valve? fuel filter)

any sugguestions would help.


04-05-2005, 10:46 PM
I'd say you've got a couple different problems.
1. Something weird is happening if the autostart doesn't start and resets everything. Perhaps its shorting hard somewhere or something.
2. For the funny idling and stalling, bot the IAC valve and fuel filter are good ideas to check out. Some FI spary in the IAC area wouldn't hurt, and if the fuel filters over 2 years old, or more than 30k miles since it was changed, it could use that too. Bad spark plugs make for hard starting and rough idling as well, so I would consider eyeballing one to see how they look. Is this the 2.4 or 3400?

04-05-2005, 11:55 PM
Check your battery cable connectors and make sure they're tight at the battery. After that its either a battery or alternator problem.

04-06-2005, 12:53 AM
3400 engine.
Plugs are only a month old. wires are ok.
yea I got a few of those maintenance things I need to get caught up on.
Fuel filter definitely needs a fix.
I got my battery tested... It's an optima red top. My friend actually told me he's heard of some bad experiences with optima's (he works at a shop) in that they don't last as long overall, and people come in with charge issues.
I've had nothing but good come out of this battery so far (CCA and durability are great, left the Caspers fan on for 40 minutes and still could start the car, closest I ever got to draining it. )
Anyway when he ran the test on the main posts (Connected to the car) the reader said replace battery. He switched to the topmounted posts and got a clean good reading.

I guess the terminals must be corroding somewhere under the audio lines I've run. but this doesn't account for all the problems does it?