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04-22-2005, 08:46 AM
I don't know if this would go under show and appearance, or technical questions and answers, so I'll just ask it here. was looking at Wal-Mart for some Sylvannia Silverstar headlights and i found some LED taillights. They appear to fit just like a regular bulb into the attachment. The price range is around 6.99 or something like that. My question is if i installed them on my gagt, would they look cooler? I've heard people say that the LED lights appearance is better than a regular bulb, but i've never seen after market LEDs on a car before. My two other questions are how many would i need (I believe you just buy white right?) and how hard would they be to install/ how long would they take to install? Oh, also would i need any other sort of electrical device besides the LEDs, i don't think i do but just thought i'd ask. Thanks for the help.

04-24-2005, 10:12 PM
Couple of answers:

LED's do look cooler because of their instant on/off and better color but there is a number of problems that prevents using them as drop-in replacements for cars with factory incandescent lights.

1- They are generally dimmer than incandescent bulbs.
2- They are very sensitive to heat so using them in the same enclosure as say with headlights is out of question as they WILL fail prematurely.
3- LED's need current limiting resistors or they will not work.
4- They emit light in a very narrow pattern which limits their visiblity.

Here is where they have a ton of info on LED's and they even sell drop-in replacement bulbs which don't need any mods.


By the way, if and when you do get LED's make sure you get the same color LED as the color of the lens. Red for RR signal and brakes for example.