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06-10-2005, 01:17 PM
I'm new (no posts, just surfing) to, came over from gaoc when I got my "new" car a wrecked black '03 GT Sedan from a salvage yard in Faribault, MN about a month ago. It's coming along pretty good.....going to start painting today, at least the inside of the fenders to get a good feel for it since we are painting ourselves. So far I have had to replace two fenders, a hood, bumper, front left rail, a fog light, front bumper cover, left side skirt, two wheels, windshield, a control (A-arm), half-shaft, and pop and fill a bunch of dents in the doors and the rear quarter panel. When it is done it should look pretty good (maybe not showroom quality) but it will be more than good enough for me.....and it is a big step up from my '95 SE with the 2.3L engine!!!

When its done I'll post before and after photos.....if I can figure it out! I'm hoping I'll be done by the end of next week......wheels come in on Tuesday and thats it for new parts......just painting left......yes!

06-10-2005, 01:31 PM
Sounds good dude, let us know how the progress comes along and welcome.

06-10-2005, 01:47 PM
Welcome and keep us updated on your little project, hell post pics of the progress. It'll be intersting. What color do you plan on painting, or are you just painting the stuff that got wrecked black?

06-10-2005, 02:43 PM
took this pic a couple days ago...

It isn't the greatest....but it is basically where I am right now......most pieces are prepped for painting now......and by the way that hood was from a junk yard....thats why it looks pretty messed up with all the body was cheap!

and yes the car is gonna stay black, but I am gonna go with the black and orange color scheme......I havent seen any one with that combo yet......

06-10-2005, 03:04 PM
FYI cavingman had black and orange. but go for it nonetheless if you want.

06-10-2005, 03:13 PM
i guess I have seen cavingman's car.....thats pretty cool (to me anyway) but I envision mine being a little different.....and I am not sure about coloring the interior on mine......

06-10-2005, 05:30 PM
FYI cavingman had black and orange. but go for it nonetheless if you want.
Ah yes, the Pumpkin. That was/is a nice car. He has a Saturn now.
Good luck with everything, lookin good so far.

07-10-2005, 02:15 PM
it's been a while since I have posted.....

well the car is basically done! I am in the process of "rebadging" the car (front arrowhead and stuff, possibly the RamAir ones.....have orange overlays...) and I have basically got all the sanding and polishing done. All of the trim pieces are back on the car and the paint does look pretty good for a do-it-yourself job but it is no way close to perfect (but then factory isnt perfect either). There's a couple spots on the front bumper where I had to touchup and stuff but you cant notice anything unless you're really looking for it....

I still have to find an air bag control module and the connector for the drivers side bag melted when this thing crashed, but me and my dad will figure something out....

the car goes to a Pontiac dealer tomorrow for allignment and keyless remote soon as I get this thing cleaned up I'll post the pics but it probably wont be untill I wax it which will be a while since the clearcoat is still working the dust out of the finish and I dont want to seal it up, or at least thats what I've been told.....