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06-24-2005, 04:33 AM
I recently decided to upgrade my stereo system in my 2003 Grand Am GT Coupe becuase the Monsoons just weren't doing it. See links below to see all the replacements.

I contacted Pontiac about my speakers. I was unsure if Grand Ams have component speakers or not. Pontiac says we don't, but I'd like to double check with you guys.

Let me know what you think. Most of my system is still being shipped.

Note: I shopped around on wholesale websites and got a lot of these cheaper than at Crutchfield.



6"x9" (Back Speakers)

4"x6" (Front Speakers)

No sub yet, but eventually.

06-26-2005, 11:23 AM
Your system seems like it will sound good, but i love bass so you need some subs, go with a Rockford amp. You should have gotten all alpine, or all infinity speakers though. Oh well, a sysstem is a system right? lol

06-26-2005, 12:16 PM
if pontiac said it why wouldnt you believe them? they made the car.