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06-28-2005, 06:38 PM
I asked around with PM's, but couldnt get a bunch of help, just recommendations for posting a thread, so... What I mainly wanted to do was to move the orange signal lights down to the fog light housings. I wouldnt have a hard time retrofitting or getting it to fit, I just would need to know how to wire it, and what bulbs would be best. For the 194 Bulbs, I would use the Dual LED White bulbs, I would use White Multi-LED White 3157 Bulbs for the Signal Bulbs, and, Keep my PIAA Xtreme-White 9007 Bulbs for the headlamp.
For the turn signal, I would take out the 880 Foglamps, and replace them with some Orange/Amber LEDs (mainly because they are the only ones that will fit, but, I can always retrofit, so it wouldnt be that hard) that I will use as the turning lamps. I would need to know how I should wire them so they turn on when the car is in Drive or at night, and also so anytime the headlight is on, the other two bulbs in the housing are on. I have a picture attached if it makes it a little easier.
Thanks for the help, Joey