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07-13-2005, 12:46 PM
i recently had back and front brakes almost completely redone new in june now i am experiencing a chattering coming from the front of car when braking the more and longer my foot is on the brake the louder and or more a hear it .
next too the master brake cylinder there is to electrical connections for the abs if i disconnect the forward or reward one , either of them the noise goes away but abs light comes on. is there any easy fixes or things i can change or replace etc . not much mechicinally knowledgeable or handy to tools . but have a friend that can do your usuall brake work. is it sensors or a wire so i am told underneath by each front wheel. fixable ????
if you can relate parts and or larbour cost to the fix of my problem that would be great also... also new drum and shoes on back but getting a squeek if i sit there at idle and pump the brakes at at times when i first start out with the car for a few feet or til i hit the brakes two or three times the it feels like the back of the car drops down a bit then pops back up or i might describe as the rear brakes gripping and letting go.
this is breif and not all the time and as mention when it does happen it's gone in the first few feet or two to three applies of the brakes.. all work done at cdn tire . my brake friend i mentioned said his 1995 used to do this and it was just needing rear brake adjustment. still looking for info as to how to turn off LOW coolant LEVEL after i replaced the water pump. all levels are great and no leaks. thanks a bunch