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07-17-2005, 10:47 AM
Does anybody here have an SLP exhaust with a trailer hitch installed on there Grand Ams? I installed a trailer hitch on my GAGT but had to cut off the existing flowmaster 80 series muffler with tips. I'm considering just buying the SLP system but need to know if it will NOT be in the way of the trailer hitch.

Any help would be great!

07-18-2005, 11:25 AM
SLP will not fit out of the box. Get the flowmaster reinstalled with the hitch installed, there's a way to do it, but you'll have to notch the passenger side of the hitch frame (and have a piece welded to it to reinforce it). A little crafty mounting of the muffler and bending of the pipes will get this on for you.

I had a hitch and a camaro style magnaflow installed. Too bad I never got any pics with it installed before I went back to stock.