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07-22-2005, 12:11 AM
I have had this car a year now and this is the first
trouble ive had.
went for a short ride, maybe 3 miles if that.. outdoor temp 101.
hopped on the highway n dove a couple miles and got off on my
exit. drove normal nothing hard..65mph. took the exit ramp and sat at
the stoplight a minute or so then the light changed green. eased
the peddle down and the car car bearly moved at all, stepped the peddle down half the nearly all the way and the car bucked and surged for a few feet, no
warning light but I did notice the MPH guage jumping up around 70-80mpg.
let off the peddle the eased it down again and the car excellerated normally
no trouble at all. ran fine the rest off the day.
temp was in the normal, just under half a tank of gas 87....same gas ive used
sense I purchased the car. texaco gas. filled up last week.. put about 280 miles
took the car fo a check up and they found ZiP...nothing wrong

I could really use so help or advise, I drive to missouri an hour drive weekly
so help would be much appreciated.
thanks in advance,
about the car..
99gagt1 just turned 104,000
purchased a year ago, 87k on it.
replaced waterpump, plugs, new brakes and a gatorback belt.
been using mobil1 synthetic, do for an oil change in a couple months.
added and dr speed polished WAI tube and kool blue cone filter. cleaned 5 months ago.
rest is stock except for some blue overlays. i'm sure tranny oil,plugs,fuel filter
and simuler items are origional.

07-22-2005, 04:38 PM
If what you say is true and the plugs and fuel filter are original, I'd say try replacing those first.