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07-26-2005, 10:39 PM
After 90,000 kms I decided to replace the spark plugs in my 2003 Grand Am GT with 3.4 liter engine. All the original plugs actually looked pretty good yet with the exception of the #3 cylinder. There was a light covering of oil on the threads of the spark plug but the electrode and ceramic were dry and looked decent, whereas all the other plugs were dry everywhere. There is no oil on the outside of the head or leaking from the valve cover or anywhere, so it doesnít appear to be coming from the outside or a leak that I can see. The car runs just fine, it isnít using or burning oil or smoking or anything, in 5000 kms it might burn a half liter of oil, and by then itís time for an oil change anyway. Now after about 800 kms on the new plugs I pulled them out again to check and found the same situation, everything looked great everywhere with the exception of a light film of oil on the spark plug threads of the #3 cylinder. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? What might be the cause of this? Thanks.