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08-09-2005, 03:15 AM
Can someone (canadian gagt owner) tell me if it is possible to shut off those datime running light for good wihtout a light go on in the instruments panel.
Thank you to you all.
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Mike Jung
08-09-2005, 04:00 AM
01-02 model Grand Am

No drl
1.) I should not have to say this but first disconnect the negative terminal of the battery. (cheap insurance).

2.) Remove the middle connector as stated before in the previous posts. Now locate the brown wire (pin 8 on the bottom). This is the pin that tells the BCM that the lights switch in not in the auto setting. Cut this wire, leaving enough room to extend it to the relay.

3.)The relay: Get a standard 4 or 5 pin 12V relay. Here is how the pins need to be wired. Pin 30-->go to the brown wire that you cut (on the BCM side), Pin 87-->12V (constant), Pin 86--> ground, Pin 85-->12V (switched when key is on), Pin 87a-->no connect.
NOTE: the 12V constant to Pin 87 could also be switched I do not think that it matters.

4.)Once the relay is connected I used some double sided tape and stuck it next to the fuse box out of the way. Now you need to cut the dark blue wire and ground it just like the 99-00.

5.)reconnect your BCM and your battery and test the system. Every thing worked fine for me no SVS and no DRLs.

**Apparently this method works as well**
Ground the dark blue wire(b4) and run a jumper wire from the brown wire (pin 8 on the bottom) to the sunroof fuse on the Passenger side fuse panel.

ALC bypass
1.) Remove the ambient light sensor under the dash defrost grill.

2.) Put a 10ohm resistor in place of ambient light sensor.
See thread: HOW TO: Override DRLs on a GA (

[Do so at your own risk.]

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