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09-02-2005, 12:59 PM
Wow it has been a long time since I've visited a Grand Am forum! In fact I've never even registered or posted on grandamgt.com, LOL.

Anyway getting to the point, I did a search but didn't come up with anything that helped me...

I'm trying to replace my pax side power window motor in my 4dr 1997 Grand Am and the problem I'm having is with the rivets that hold the regulator in... I have a new motor and everything but you have to remove the regulator-to-door rivets to remove the regulator from the door and then the motor-to-regulator rivets to change the motor.

Fair enough, drilling out the rivets shouldn't be too hard. But I noticed the regulator-to-door rivets are HUGE. Like I have a hand riveter (which will probably be fine for the motor to regulator assembly) but the largest rivets the hand riveter can do are not nearly as big as the ones in the door. Before I go drilling out the rivets I wanna be sure I can put the thing back together and have a window in there--you know in case it rains or someone decides to break in and stuff, and that highway noise, you know... LOL. :heh:

For those of you that have replaced a power window motor/regulator before, how in the world did you reassemble the door? I've tried to rent/borrow a power riveter at like 5 different places and *nowhere* rents one :( Went to a local GM dealership and asked them if they'd do the *4* rivets for me and the answer was immediately "no, we have to do the whole job and the labour for that will be $150" :rolleyes:

I've read that people have done their window motors themselves so if anyone could let me in on how they re-did the rivets I'd appreciate it! :)

09-02-2005, 03:49 PM
Aftermarket places use a small bolts and nuts. I watched them replace the regulators in my Firebird. The rivet gun was 2 1/2 feet long and the guy was still struggling to put them in!

09-03-2005, 07:58 AM
So that is what everyone does, they just replace the rivets with nuts/bolts? How well does that work out, considering it was originally riveted?

09-03-2005, 05:44 PM
Okay update... Got it done today :) Well pretty much.

The rivets were a little bit of a problem since I thought a smaller drill bit would drill out the core and the rivets would pop open. Unfortunately this was *not* the case :( Ended up breaking a 3/32nds or something titanium bit. Then I kept going larger on the other rivets until I got through one and the stupid rivet just started spinning with the drill bit. So I realised that the other holes that are around the rivets must be the same size as the rivet holes were initially--duh :banghead

Anyway yeah so for anyone else that wants to do this you need a 1/4" bit or better yet the one *just* larger than that, to drill out the rivets. That will be big enough to "cut" the rivet apart as you need to.

The whole thing wasn't that hard either. Drilling out the motor-to-regulator rivets once the regulator was out of the door was a cinch and replacing them with a hand riveter and aluminum rivets, just as easy.

I used some nuts and bolts to reassemble it (with the nuts on the side of the door facing inwards) but realised that I should have put one of the bolts through before I riveted the motor to the regulator, since there isn't any clearance after :( So I just put 3 bolts in for now, and I'm going to get a shorter one (or cut a bolt) to get it to fit the other hole later since it was getting dark.

But I got everything back together well enough to have the window operational again :) Motor cost like $20 or something like that on eBay last year, so this is definitely a big savings of paying hundreds at a dealership for the same job.

Since I have to re-do the bolts and stuff tomorrow or the next day I was thinking maybe I'd take some pics and do a HOW-TO for others in the future; I don't have a good digital camera but I can probably get some pics done, albeit low quality...