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09-20-2005, 06:54 PM
Here's the background,
A few days ago I instaled my new RSM throttle body on my 2.4L SE. The install went smoothly, everything reattached firmly. When I took the car out to see how she performed I noticed a click sound when my RPMs went up above 2500 and and then another click at around 2800-2900. If i kept the RPMs inside that range there was a metallic squeal sound. When my revs move quickly through this range it sounds like <Snick-snick> and then it's fine wherever else in the RPMs. :confused:

I've checked all my vacuum lines and all my sensor mountings and everything seems firmly seated. There's no idiot lights flashing at me, and nothing besides the sound to indicate a problem while driving.

Anybody have any experience with the throttle body making this sound?

Any help is appreciated. :iconfused