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10-03-2005, 06:12 PM
I'm talking about the caulking like stuff they use to seal the body seams. It is like caulking but very wide/large and it seems like it is made out of some kind of urethane, not silicone. Anyone know what I'm talking about? What is it actually called and where do I get it. The service manual seems to say it is just a "medium bodied filler" but I'm not sure... Do I just use body filler? I'm pretty clueless with using fillers/fiberglass/glazing/etc...

I stupidly made a hole in my firewall (wanted to run larger than 4ga power wire sooner or later). The hole was poorly placed and cut into the seam between the metal on the firewall and the metal above (under the windshield). Water has been leaking in for some time and though temporarily patching it up with tape in the winter definitely slowed the leak it didn't stop it. Obviously I'm going to make a hole or use an existing grommet in a more sensible area for the power wire now.

I pulled my entire interior though to clean up the water damage recently, washed the carpet and everything, even sound deadened everything since I had a roll of Raamat lying around for so long, lol. Have to replace the stinkin' SDM since it went under water/ice in the winter :(

But now I gotta deal with the stupid hole and leak. I pulled the wipers and the grille at the bottom of the windshield and I see that the seam to the right of where I drilled is also leaking (must've upset the entire seam there). The good part is there is only a couple of inches of body going that way. Took it to one dealership bodyshop and the guy refused to seal it because he'd have to take off the dash and do it from the inside :(

I really don't think that is required though because I've water tested the leak and know exactly how it leaks. If I can get some of this seam sealer I should be able to seal it right up. Otherwise I think I'd have to use fiberglass cloth and fiberglass reinforced filler, which I have no idea how to use really but I think it is the stuff to use to fill holes, right?

If anyone can offer any advice on what to use and how to fill this hole, I'd appreciate it!

10-03-2005, 07:08 PM
I would, and did, use RTV (silicone) in the same area on my '96 Achieva. The old caulk rotted and the metal rusted so I laid a tube in there and ramped it away from the seam.

You could also use house caulk. If the hole is large, glue a metal patch over the hole. Soup and coffee can metal was used back in the day.

10-04-2005, 07:45 AM
You can get the seam sealer at any paint & body supply store.