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10-08-2005, 07:03 PM
I was reading my Haynes manual today and came across a TCC SOLONOID may cause problem we are having.97 GA 2.4 L will stall after cruising ,basically she(daughter) will go to school first thing in the a.M. after she goes about a half ablock it will die then she will restart and drive all day and never do it again.I changed plugs,boots and even checked coil packs about 4months ago and everything was good until a coupla days ago and it stalled again.The Haynes manual says the TCC solenoid may be the culprit but is a pretty easy fix BUT you have to get the HAYNES transaxle overhaul manual to figure it out .Can any one shed some light here for me.Also changed fuel pump and the relay what else would cause this??HELP PLEASE :not_worth