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10-12-2005, 04:02 PM
Have hardly driven my car this year, driving a company vehicle alot. Anyways, I take it into a Jiffy Lube, get oil changed, transmission fluid flushed, I think thats it... drive outta there, go up the street, fill with gas, then into an automatic car wash. As soon as I pull outta there.. DING* service vehicle soon light comes on. Naturally, i ignore this. Tighten the gas cap, move along.
Soon after this, I notice I'm losing power when trying to accellerate, and seemingly using more gas as well. (untested)
Have to park the car again for a month or so, drive it again.... same accelleration problem. When I stopped at a store, I had problems starting up again. Went to friends house... the next morning it wouldn't start PERIOD. Wasn't igniting. Tow truck came eventually, he pulled out the magic rubber hammer and tapped it and it started. Fuel pump is going, he says. It idled there for about 45 mins before i got out to leave. * Drove a few hours to home without turning it off, to get to my home. Missed that day of work too.

The timing with JIFFY LUBE just seems odd in all this. The cost to replace a fuel pump is OUTRAGOUS. Any ideas for an old member?

10-14-2005, 10:36 AM
Yep. Fuel pump = toast.

Dropping the fuel tank on a GA isn't really that hard. Usually most of the cost of replacing the pump is parts (Around $450 list) my dealer would probably charge you $200 labor without changing your fuel filter.

My suggestion is to get the part from GM parts direct and have a shop do it anyways. You can save yourself a few hundred dollars this way.