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10-21-2005, 06:47 PM
Here's the story, I had a bad noise comming from my front brake caliper. I had the brake shoes replaced, before the noise started. after inspection i found that the shoes on one side were riding up on the brake piston. And the shoes were put on backwardes. after i put the same shoes back on the right way and on the right side, the noise went away. BUT after i washed my car the rotors got rusty, after i drove the car, i noticed that on the outer face of both front rotors were wearing uneven. about 70% of the face of the rotors were clean and the rest were still rusty from the washing. I checked the inside of the rotors and they were clean. I took the shoes off and found that on one side the caliper slide bolt was frozen. i fixed that greased everything up put new shoe retainers on everything (both sides and top of shoes in caliper) washed the car again still have the problem. the car stops fine but i know if i leave it like this my rotors will wear wrong. What causes this type of uneven wear? and will a new pair of shoes fix this problem. The shoes that i have on there now have almost no wear.