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12-09-2005, 04:16 AM
How do you take out the radiator on this car? Is this diffucult to do? Can yall give me instructions step by step on What to remove? What kind of tools i need? How long does it take to fix? I have a 2.4 engine. 4 cylinder.

12-09-2005, 07:36 AM
remove radiator:

1)Turn off the car and disconnect the negative battery cable.
2)Use a screwdriver (and socket, if required) to remove any molding, casing, or fan shrouds around your auto radiator. (Some auto radiators have fan units and sensors attached to them. Leave any unit attached to the radiator that will not impede its removal. Remember to disconnect all sensor and fan fittings.)
3)Find the radiator drain plug on the bottom (or sometimes side) of the radiator. 4)Remove the radiator cap and place the catch basic beneath the drain opening. Warning: if the engine has been running, the coolant in the auto radiator may be very hot. Carefully unscrew the radiator plug and let the coolant drain from the radiator into the catch basin.
5)You can now disconnect the coolant hoses with a screwdriver. Drain any excess coolant in the hoses into the catch basin. If you are removing an old radiator, be careful of the hoses and hose clamps, as age and corrosion can make them fragile.
6)For vehicles with automatic transmissions, you will now need to remove the automatic transmission oil cooling lines. Do this by carefully unscrewing connections with the small crescent wrench. Be careful not to damage the oil line fittings or the bend the lines (they are metal and will not bend back).
7)Find your auto radiator overflow tanks. On some models, the overflow tanks will be on the top and bottom; other models will have the tanks on the sides. If the tanks are sides of the auto radiator, the radiator mounting points will likely be on top corners of the tanks. For vehicles with top and bottom overflow tanks, the mounts are usually on the top corners of the radiatorís frame.
8)Unscrew the holding bolts and carefully lift the auto radiator free from the vehicle.
Tip the radiator over the catch basin to drain the remainder of the coolant.

12-09-2005, 03:39 PM
Thanks For Your Advice!!!