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12-26-2005, 08:18 AM
Just to clarify, when I smell something sweet and oily, that means the coolant is mixing with the oil, correct? I ask because I am smelling it inside the car through the hvac vents and outside the car. It is very strong and seems to get worse day by day. It was faint on Friday and by Saturday, it was a bit stronger. Yesterday, it was quite strong. I also ask because I haven't seen my coolant light go off and above all, i've had the intake gasket replaced once already around 35,000 miles (late 2003/early 2004). I now have 64,7xx.

12-26-2005, 08:35 AM
Could be, or could be a leaky heater core. Check the area around/below the core.

12-26-2005, 10:12 AM
yup either the heater core or the dreadful lim leak. im sure u know what to check but if not there are plenty of threads on it

12-26-2005, 12:50 PM
Make sure you arn't contaminating the oil, or you'll be replacing more than just the gasket. Check under the oil fill cap for a milky looking substance, if you see that, quit driving it and get it fixed.

12-26-2005, 12:51 PM
mmm sweet, oily smell :drool:

12-26-2005, 02:32 PM
Maybe check the water pump or your hoses also.