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01-01-2006, 02:33 AM
Man, I feel like I just got the shaft w/o any lube.......

Around the beginning of Oct. I noticed a slight coolant leak, didn't have the $$$ to fix the LIM problem at the time, which i figured it was, so just topped off every week or so... Anyways... Beginning of Dec, took the car in, got the LIM gasket prob solved, and had a tune up at the same time.. I also had the tranny flushed... Got the car back, and I immediately noticed the car acting a little funny while trying to shift... Mainly between 2nd and 3rd... I'd be doing like 40ish, and I would accelerate, but the car would kinda rev like it was in neutral then eventually kick in and then shift kinda normally... In any case, the car finally said F*** You the other night and wouldn't even shift out of 2nd gear... 1st, 2nd, reverse... All Fine... Nothing else though....

So I took the car back to Pontiac to ask them why my tranny was going crazy since I got the car back from them.. The service tech tells me, w/o even looking at the car that it is normal wear and tear...etc.... After telling him the frickin car won't even shift out of 2nd when I had the bitch in there exactly 2 weeks prior.... Yea.....

Anyways... Finally got in touch with Pontiac, they say the tranny is basically dead, that there is a bunch of metal in the fluid pan or whatever... My question is what do you guys reccomend...? Just had the LIM problem fixed... But I also had the fluid flushed then... so why the hell couldn't they tell me there was a problem then..? I really don't think the tranny would go from no signs of trouble to completely disentegrating in 2 fricken weeks.... All I can get from Pontiac is "Well the engine wasn't working perfectly before, and now its been fixed so the tranny problem is making itself known..." ****ing A.... What would you all do?

01-01-2006, 02:59 AM
You had the deadly LIM gasket problem.. now, everything will be screwed with your car.. hate to say it, but you'll probably be needing a new engine soon like I'm about to do.. oh and just curious, did your car overheat on you at one point or another? Well, goodluck with the repairs.. go read up on my thread right below if you want to learn what I'm currently going through.. what a crock of mumbo jumbo.

01-01-2006, 01:27 PM
Just curious how many miles were on your car when you had the flush done? Usually after a while, if it hasn't done been done before you don't want to flush anything totally out. Since your car is a 2000 GA that is a lot of time to have metal shavings build up in the tranny and that is probally what caused the problem.

01-01-2006, 09:14 PM
The LIM has nothing to do with the transmission. You're problem is probably more along the lines of what Trason mentioned. Not everyone who has to fix the LIM is 'screwed', if you catch it early enough your car will be fine for tens of thousands of miles to come.