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01-09-2006, 07:01 AM
Ok, like it says i have a 2.4L in my GA. I also have a pacesetter header with a 2.25" downpipe into the stock 2" cat and resonator then out a 2.5" flowmaster setup. I know it's a real mutt, huh. My cat is crapping out on me as well so I have a couple questions.

This sucker is my daily driver and most importantly I need to keep her legal. Now, do i want a 2.25" in/out or a 2.5" in/out cat. Does anyone know if my year GA needs an air hole in the cat? And would you expect this to free up any horsepower? I'd imagine i'm pretty restricted right now.

Oh yeah, and guys from PA with aftermarket cats? do you guys have any trouble passing emissions?


01-09-2006, 07:29 AM
With exhuast you really wanna have the same size pipe from the header/s back. So you want the cat the same size as pipe. It wont free up to much HP, maybe 2-3hp if that.
As far as the air tube goes i dont remember if ya need that for inspections or not but i know it will pass the sniffer without it.....i think. I live in michigan and we dont have emissions so i bought one with no air tube or O2 bung.

try this site for the cat: