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01-20-2006, 10:57 AM
I have an 02 GAGT coupe with 50k miles on it. This morning, I had the defrost on the cold setting (front defrost). When I switched it to the warm setting, I heard this strange noise come from the dashboard like 5 seconds after I turned the setting. It only did it when it was on the defrost position. Is this a normal sound, or am I going to have to start searching for a new blower motor? It wasn't a very loud sound. Has anyone else experienced this?


01-20-2006, 02:59 PM
In the summer when it's very hot out, mine will have an annoying whining noise to it but it goes away after a few minutes. Not worth tearing my dash out to fix just yet.

Sounds to me that if you're hearing it only when you turn from hot to cold that it would be a binding damper door. Good luck with that.