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03-09-2006, 04:28 PM
Ok, so i'll bring you guys up to speed on my problem, a few weeks back some ashat backed up into the driverside door of my 97 grand am gt. bent the door, etc made a horrible whistling sound while driving.

through the insurance company they had me take my car to a certified body shop and 1 week later i have my car back nice and shiny and no dent or whistling. so i get my car and start it up and soon as i pull out of the parking lot my Airbag light pops. flashes a few times and then stays on.

took it back immediatly and they said ofcourse it wasn't their issue. but if i would like they would have a dealership diagnose it but i would have to pay for it....

soo thinking to myself i said well dealship usually = $cha ching$ so i passed on it.

now while driving it does a really really weird thing.

air bag light on solid, then the seatbelt light will come on flash a few times then go off and then the airbag light proceeds to flash on and off varying quick flashes and long flashes goes off for a moment then comes back on solid?

any ideas? should i brace myself for the dealership $$cha Ching$$??

thanks in advance for any advice.

Lab Rat
03-10-2006, 08:45 AM
I would contact first their insurance company and then yours. They cannot get out of the issue by saying that. Your light was NOT on before the accident, right? It is the responsibility of the insurance company to make your car right. So I think the insurance company might want to give them a call to find out why their certified repair facility cannot properly and completely fix you car after being contracted to do so. And if a shop looses its insurance gig then they are sol. Don't give up without a fight. Airbags and modules are way $$$$$$. I hate crooked mechanics.