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03-10-2006, 08:45 AM
This really is a long story, so will try and just hit the major points..

I own a 1999 GAGT sedan

111k miles

At 100k miles, I had a the *checkup* done, got fluids flushed and replaced, battery, lube,oil,filter, brakes checked, all that wonderful fun stuff. One thing that was done, was the serpentine belt.

Ever since then, the car squeaks when running, the noise increases and decreases with how fast I am driving, how fast the engine is running...

I have been back to the mechanic who did the work, he changed belts, several times. No luck...
Replaced the alternator, thinking it was the pulley, no luck
The squeak remained..

I brought it to the Dealer.. here is a list of what has been done there...

Several belts .. the squeak stopped, but always returns
Tensionar replaced.. stopped and then returned
Power Steering pump replaced (thinking it was the pulley on that pump).. stopped then returned ...

No matter what gets done, the squeak comes back within a month.

Any ideas??????


Lab Rat
03-10-2006, 09:00 AM
Only other accessaries run by the belt are the a/c and alternater. Those are the more expensive fixes to your problem. If they throw enough parts at it then they are bound to find it. Sorry, couldn't resist. It just sounds to me like that's what they are trying. Maybe try a better belt (gatorback). There is a belt dressing but I have never needed to use it. I always suspect the tensioner when I here noise but yours was replaced. Does the noise go away when the a/c is on? And maybe get the alternator checked at autozone/pep boys. Usually no cost for that. I know I did not help much but good luck. Let us know how you did.