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03-11-2006, 06:18 AM
Well its official, my engine is fried, there is a pretty bad knock coming from the lower engine now, so I'm going to start looking around for a new engine, but the questoin I have is what engine will work? because every engine I look for on ebay ect says "This engine fits 2003 04 05" or "This engine fits 2000 01 02" did they change something in 2003 to make a interchange not possible? because i would rather buy a newer engine if I could. any help would be appricaited, BTW its a 3400 v6


03-11-2006, 07:10 AM
I can see one diffrence off the top, pending if they took the fuel rails off this listing on ebay.
Pic of 03,04,05 (http://media.mainstreetcommerce.com/3.9/media/item_image_sheet.aspx?domain=lkqonline.com&auction_guid=&item_guid=c481000d-3ee8-4ee2-8776-0e4ac85c602a&image_guid=d9a1ff3f-ba2e-43c5-a511-38d1dcc252c0)

Mine is a 00

03-11-2006, 07:19 AM
wow that sucks. insurance isnt gonna cover it? or you just get to pick out the engine? ill look around here for ya.