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03-22-2006, 08:15 PM
Ok, I recently installed a trans temp gauge in our Equinox. The 'Nox doesn't have a pressure test port like the GA does, so I spliced in a brass "T" in the cooler line for the temp sensor probe. I wired up the gauge and after driving around, the needle doesn't move at all. The gauge is grounded because the gauge light is connected to the same ground wire that the gauge uses. I then realized that the sensor housing needs to be grounded so I wrapped a wire around the brass T and grounded it to the chassis.

Now when I turn on the truck, the needle peggs to the right all the way and doesn't move. IIRC this is a bad ground somewhere right?

Should I run the ground from the sensor all the way back to the same place that the gauge is grounded to?

I haven't had a chance to fark around with the ground location, but I wanted to double check with ya'll about a possible bad ground location.

03-23-2006, 09:10 AM
I wish i could help you like you helped me.
I called my brother and asked him what would cause that and the first thing he said was a bad ground. I told him thats what you thought also.

03-23-2006, 09:12 AM
With anything like that, I always check the ground first... cause you feel stupid if you fix everything else and it turns out to be the ground.

03-24-2006, 07:04 AM
yep it was the ground location on the T. I moved it to more of the housing instead of wrapping it around the sensor post. I did that and it's working fine now. Sometime down the line I have to come up with a better way to ground the housing though. Right now I have the bare wire wrapped around the brass T a couple times and then wrapped the entire thing in ducttape. Think I could solder it to the brass?

03-24-2006, 07:12 AM
You should be able to find a bug big enough to grab it... Have at the lowe's or home depot, the little drawers with all that stuff near the nuts and bolts, lotsa good stuff there.

03-24-2006, 08:36 AM
a wha?

here's some pics of the install

Dashboard with wires hidden

Dashboard with wires exposed

Gauge connected and mounted to dash with a small piece of velcro

Heather's happy that the gauge isn't there all the time, and I'm happy that I can monitor the temps when I'm towing our camper. I also added a transcooler to the 'Nox

Ripped off the front clip

Cooler installed