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03-30-2006, 11:46 AM
It was about 4 tank fills ago I thought the tanks been going kinda quick so started keeping track.
Next tank I got 22MPG which I normally get about 27MPG on average lowest. Seen 25 couple of times never 22.
Filled it up again and dumped in some cleaners and beat on it some to clean it out. Didnt bother noting down the gas millage on that tank since it was far from normal driving.
Next tank full got 23 MPG.. got tiny bit better but not great. Figured lets see what next tank gets.
Next tank got 16MPG on average. Yuk. Filled with high test fuel and dumped in some cleaners again.
Last tank was about 22.5 MPG on average.

The RPM's are pretty solid. No fluctuation. Doesnt seem to be high idle either. Think it idles at like 500 or 600 rpm. I would have to run down and take a look if thats important.

The car also seems to have lost some power. Its a 2.4L so dont expect a ton but it does seem slower then what I remember few months ago.

I've checked the air filter which I cleaned about 2 months ago or so. It looks very healthy. Its a K&N oil based and looking really clean.

Couple friends suggested changing the plugs since they are the old plugs from last motor. I did at one time get about 30MPG on these plugs in this current motor.

Just wanted to gather any other thoughts before buying the plugs. Maybe even plug recommendations if thats the next route you would take.

I dont know very much bout working under the hood my self. Depend on friends and you guys ofcourse.

03-30-2006, 12:27 PM
First thing i would do is change the plugs and wires, new PCV valve, and have the injectors cleaned professionaly.