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04-12-2006, 09:02 AM
So I have a 1999 Grand Am Gt with 3400 engine. It has a after market alarm in it that stopped working a couple of months ago. So I disarmed it because if I tried to use it it would make all these strange noises or when I started the car it would go off just for a little bit then stop.lol So im at work the other day drive my car to Costco on my lunch break and I accidentally hit the arm key which causes the alarm to make soft poping sounds. Then I went to start the car after I got back and it started fine drove it back to work parked. But then after work I went to start it and no clicking sounds what so ever. I turn the key and notice that I have all lights on but when I turn the key no clicking sounds. So I get a ride from my brother home and go back at 11:30pm and try to check fuseís I checked all the big ones and none of them seemed blown. So I push everything in the fuse back back down and give it one last try. And the car starts but this time it was a very heavy clicking sound/s it did not sound like a normal start up like I said before a lot of hard clicks. As soon as I started the car up it worked fine. I got to drive it home parked it till I could look at it in the light. Well I go to start it up the next day and same thing. Battery is good, I have lights just no clicking sound again. Could it be this broken alarm?? But then again I did get it started yesterday night so I donít think it could be that anymore. Or is it just the starter motor or it something to do with the ignition cylinder because my aftermarket alarm. Any new ideas?? Or has anyone had a problem of this nature?? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

04-12-2006, 09:10 AM
I would have to say it has something to do with that alarm.
Completely remove that thing.

04-12-2006, 10:58 AM
you were right car works fine now thanks alot I guess i was over thinking this problem lol take care