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04-24-2006, 11:12 AM

As of right now.. I've had to replace my drivers side window motor and regulator and my rear LH motor and regulator.. both times, it was because the little plastic clips broke off so I replaced the whole thing because it just didn't seem worth it buying new clips seeing the prices the dealer wanted whereas I could just buy a good brand new aftermarket one on ebay and know it would work for a long time as it has been now.. anyhow, my passenger side front window MOTOR just went out this time around and the plastic clips seem to all be intact!

I want to know if I can use one of the good working motors that I've saved from the other two that I've had replaced.. just take them off the regulators and replace it with the one on the bad motor.. is this possible? Or do I need to buy a another complete setup here? Also, is it possible to buy a new or good working motor just for the front right side to replace it and whats the going rate?

Thanks all!!!!


If anyone needs any good working motors for the drivers and rear left side in perfect condition.. PM me. I'm willing to sell cheap if I can't have use for them in this situation when I could really use it.

04-24-2006, 03:17 PM
Anybody got any input or am I just gonna have to buy a whole new setup again? I'm going towards that route as of now.. I think I'll throw up my old regulators and motors on the classifieds if anyones interested in it for parts.. good working motors for the LH rear and front side and regulator but bad motor for the RH passenger side..

Any takers want all of this or part of it? PM me with offers or post here..

04-24-2006, 05:03 PM
Okay.. I can't use the working motor from the front drivers side.. already tried it! Works great the motor and rolls it all the way up the window down, etc.. but can't use it since the bolts don't align which I hate!! Now, if any of you have a working motor for the RIGHT PASSENGER FRONT side.. let me know what you're willing to let it go for.. we can trade even for my good working motors for the other sides.. which I know all of you will need them sometime or another considering these things break all the time.. might aswell buy it from me now and just store it in the garage or something so when the time comes you don't need to be like myself posting up this because you'll have what you need!