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05-14-2006, 07:00 PM
So my Sedan's window motors seem to be just about dead. The driver side front is totally kaput, while the rear works fine. Both the passenger side windows need 'cooling' off time before they can move again.

I checked the How-To section for help on this, but only found the latest gen Grand Am directions, which uses a different type of regulator, rather than the sissor type regulator I have. I opened up the door panel to see what I'd be faced with, and saw that it the holes to get at the regulator are tiny as hell :( I noticed some grinding wheel marks around the rivets, as they're probably been replaced before :D

The site given in the HOW-TO doesn't seem to ship to Canada, but I found another one over at Race Pages (http://rep.racepages.com/parts/racepages/quote.jsp?year=1994&product=O3050-204501&application=001260512&part=Window%20Motor&category=O&dp=true&showdc=true) Anyone bought anything from them before?

I'm gonna open it up again tomorrow and grease up the regulator tracks and see if that helps anything. If not, should I be buying just a new motor, or should I be buying the whole regulator, motor inclusive?

Thanks guys.