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07-22-2006, 09:41 PM
ok here's my interior lights (dome and map lights) are starting to piss me off. When I turn my dome switch to door (so that the interior lights turn on only when the door opens) the lights will stay on in the car whenever I stop. When i drive they will turn off, but as soon as I come to a stop sign, stop light or park my car... the damn things will turn on!
So i have to keep my dome switch to off and unplug my map light so that it doesn't kill my battery.
Also that little "door open" light that is on the gauge cluster doesn't light up when the door is open and all of the power in the car turns off when the key is out of the ignition (radio used to play and wipers used to go back into the original position when the key was taken out of the ignition). Any help would be appreciated