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08-01-2006, 04:46 PM
I have a 97 Grand Am GT, 145,000 miles on it. It's been a rough week. Replaced the water pump, power steering hose and I'm now having problems with starting the car.

The first time happened a couple of weeks ago, tried to turn car on and when turning the ignition there was a pause and then everything stopped, had no electricity and couldn't remove the keys. A dealership I took it to said it couldn't find anything wrong, but that I had blown the 60 maxi fuse. They couldn't blow it again and said it must have been a fluke. I bought some back ups, but last week I blew those. I took it to a different dealership, but got the same response. Replaced the fuse, ran diagnostic, tried to trip it, but everything worked fine and he said there was no problem.

Well this morning I blew three fuses and finally took a taxi to work because I was out of backup fuses. Thoughts? I found recall notices online about an ignition switch as well as a fuse cover. I had something done four years ago after I received a recall, but I can't remember what it was for and I couldn't find it in my records.

Also if it makes any difference, I did have a new battery put in around Memorial Day.