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08-21-2006, 05:18 PM
Did a quick search and didn't find anything . Does anyone know how to remove the cigerette lighter socket? I need to replace mine. Thanks in advance.

08-21-2006, 07:22 PM
i pulled mine out last fact its still out lol. IIRC just remove the center bezel and pop it out. then just slide the wire harness out of the back. As for pulling the plastic trim ring off of the metal, no clue...its clipped on there pretty good.

08-22-2006, 08:36 PM
Did it this afternoon . Not that bad at all. You just need to push the socket through from the back side & hold the little ring on the front. After the socket is out you can remove the ring if you want .

Thanks for the help .

08-22-2006, 08:42 PM
w00t! I'll have have to use this to fix my cig lighter. I think the guy who had this before didn't reconnect the cig lighter when he put in the Pioneer radio unit >< He did the same thing with the trunk release at the drivers door ><

Damn him, but at least I fixed that, and will soon fix this as well :)

08-23-2006, 06:35 AM
Guys this is REALLY simple to do. A thread on it really is not needed.